“The new concertos by Harberg and Wolpert are played very well, with the Southern Arizona Orchestra offering rich accompaniment under Linus Lerner’s apt direction. Excellent audio. This is an excellent unusual addition to the catalog.”
— Classical CD Review

“Viola concertos were never like this! Fine performances, good sound, terrific fun.”
— The Gramophone Newsletter

“Here we have another installment in Naxos’ excellent ‘American Classics’ series of recordings. As is often the case, the orchestras used are not well-known ensembles and the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra certainly fits that description… I need not have worried. The orchestra is fine and the soloist is exceptionally good.”
— Music Web International

“All in all, then, a refreshing and engaging disc of modern Americana. Despite its moments of power and tragedy, I found that this music was wonderful for lifting up your mood on a blah summer day!”
— The Music Lounge

“Here are a couple of significant additions to the viola concerto genre by contemporary American composers Amanda Harber and Max Wolpert. Both are colorful, immediately accessible, programmatic workds written for our soloist, Brett Deubner.”
— Classical Lost and Found


“Linus Lerner imbued Fledermaus with flexible sparkle.”
— The Opera Magazine | London

“Maestro Linus Lerner has never been better as he energetically and charismatically conducts an inspired orchestra that seems to shine brighter and brighter with each new measure of Bizet’s remarkable orchestrations.”
— Houston Chronicle

“Lerner wove flashes of playfulness into a concert seeped in swooning majesty.”
— Arizona Daily Star

“The Execution: Opera in the Heights imbues this froth with real animation, thanks to the brisk pace of maestro Linus Lerner.”
— Houston Press

“On the podium is the energetic and expressive maestro, Linus Lerner, who conducts the talented twenty-three strong Opera in the Heights orchestra with precision and aplomb.”
— Houston Chronicle

“Lerner guided the orchestra in what was the most sublime four minutes of the afternoon. SASO performed it gorgeously…It was as close to perfect as you can get without popping in a CD of the London Symphony Orchestra.”
— Arizona Daily Star

“Linus Lerner conducts with force and feeling, drawing sensitive playing and full sound from the 23-person orchestra.”
— Houston Chronicle

“The verdict: The opera is a stunner, and maestro Linus Lerner and chorus master C. Vincent Fuller deserve much credit for making the utmost with minimal resources.”
— Houston Press

“Linus Lerner se ha convertido en una presencia del arte lírico mexiicano. En cada lugar que visita, hace nacer opera.”
— Revista Pro Ópera

“It was an exhilarating, life-affirming two-hour journey. Throughout, Lerner produced crisp, fluid vocal lines that complemented every language.”
— Arizona Daily Star

“Lerner was a joy to watch… His energy and passion were contagious.”
— Arizona Daily Star

“The only bad thing about A Twisted Holiday is that it was one night only. And fans of the chorus will have to wait until March for their next performance.”
— Houston Press

“Lerner was able to coax a warm, vibrant sound from his players… the end result was a confident reading shimmering with vibrancy and tumult.”
— Arizona Daily Star

“A less able ensemble would not have been able to make Orff’s music leap from the page and take on a life on its own, with lush colors, vibrant personality and an energy that was infectious. Lerner deserves much of the credit. He brought to the podium energy, enthusiasm and endless charm.
His musicians follow his lead with equal energy.”

— Arizona Daily Sta

“Maestro Lerner is not just a wonderful conductor; he is a wonderful musician. A true musician’s conductor. With every phrase he literally seeps music, with every breath the composer’s intentions flow.”
— Brett Deubner | violist

“Maestro Linus Lerner’s music reflects his warmth, sincerely personality.
With his highly professional approach, his performances show diverse dimensions and colorful fragrance.”
— Edwin So Kim, violinist

“Lerner’s burnished sound and incredible stage presence was featured in the solo, ‘Largo al factotum’, also from ‘The Barber of Seville’.”
— The Pueblo Chieftain

“Linus Lerner deleita al público moreliano con su concierto. El Teatro Ocampo lució a su máxima capacidad, y entre los asistentes se encontraron niños, jóvenes y adultos que presenciaron una velada llena de ritmo y alegría que regalaron los músicos de la Osidem y Linus Lerner, artista que ha realizado diversas giras en Estados Unidos, Brasil, Bulgaria, China, República Checa, México, España, Turquía, Corea del Sur e Italia, y quien demostró tener carisma y pasión, cualidades por las que ha sido elogiado al inspirar a artistas y público, tal y como lo realizó con los michoacanos.”
— MiMorelia

“Con la pasión, elegancia y estilo que distingue al maestro Linus Lerner encabezó el concierto de gala acompañado de la Orquesta Sinfónica de Michoacán para conmemorar el tercer aniversario de la fundación de VOX FM.
Bajo la batuta del destacado maestro Lerner, los directivos del 103.3FM, disfrutaron del carisma de Lener, quien ha sido elogiado alrededor del mundo por su sello característico en sus presentaciones.”

— Respuesta Mexico

“A mistura inusitada da música clássica com o autêntico pé de serra não poderia ter casado melhor, mérito da maravilhosa regência do maestro Linus Lerner, que tirou de letra o desafio.”
— Blog do Grupo Vila

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