Linus Lerner, D.M.A., Conducting and Vocal Coach/Technician

Dr. Lerner has more than 20 years of experience as a choral conductor working with more than 50 groups of all sizes and voice combinations, in addition to participating in numerous tours, festivals and competitions. He also provides clinician services to various professional and community choruses in the United States, China, Mexico and Brazil. His Masterclass, The Importance of the Conductor’s Gesture on the Intonation, has been attended by over 200 conductors and singers in both Brazil and Mexico.

As a vocal coach and voice technician, Dr. Lerner provides services to professionals and community organizations in the United States and internationally with unique vocal techniques he developed based on concepts of 1) singing with the whole body through the use of kinetics/muscle memory, and 2) developing tension-free sound by focusing on the importance of formants and harmonics. He currently teaches voice at his private studio in Houston, Texas, and also travels extensively to work with singers in the United States, China, Mexico and Brazil. As a singer, Dr. Lerner has performed in many operas, concerts and competitions in the United States, Italy, Brazil and Mexico.